TiPS LogMate Alarm Management

TiPS is a leading alarm management software company in ControlGlobal’s Control Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards.

TiPS LogMate Alarm Management System is a full-featured alarm management system.

This state-of-the-art software is designed to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses clients’ needs by delivering all of the benefits of alarm management technology in a real-time package.


Why Use TiPS LogMate Alarm Management?

  • Alarms are a critical part of automation.  Optimize your alarm system with TiPS LogMate Alarm Management System.  It improves operations with better response to unusual trends and fewer upsets, leading to reduced downtime, improved safety as well as better quality output.  
  • Overcome alarm management challenges that are common among different industries and customers, such as alarm floods, standing alarms, nuisance alarms and alarm chattering.   
  • Built on tested Microsoft® technologies, LogMate has superior features, unequaled speed and stability, and extremely low total cost of ownership.  
  • LogMate components can be installed on a single computer or distributed across many systems – a modular architecture that is flexible in adapting to your needs and requirements.  
  • TiPS makes alarm management easier by employing extensive connectivity options and compatible with a wide array of control systems, HMIs, PLCs, and safety systems.


Benefits of Using TiPS LogMate Alarm Management

With the effective design and implementation of LogMate Alarm Management, below are the benefits for TiPS customers:

  • Improved operational performance
  • Support of compliance with applicable standards and regulations
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Incident risk reduction
  • Advantageous insurance premiums


Features of LogMate Alarm Management

  • Real-Time and Incident Forensics: You can monitor a complete, searchable, sortable list of alarms and events. You get one-click access to process documents, notes and operator advice and can combine process and event trends for effective incident review
  • Bad Actor Removal: Using powerful data analysis tools
  • Rationalization and Detail Design: Integrated project management for alarm design/rationalization
  • Management of Change: Approval, rejection and audit of alarm system changes
  • Benchmark and Monitor Alarm Performance: Plot actual alarm activity against performance targets
  • Automated Alarm System: Send control system alarms to emails


To find out more about TiPS and LogMate Alarm Management System

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